Fairbridge Festival 2024 Cancellation

In March 2024, FolkWorld made the heartbreaking decision to cancel the Fairbridge Festival 2024 due to slow ticket sales, the high cost of living affecting production costs and lack of confirmed volunteers. These circumstances have affected many other music festivals and performance events around Australia.

FolkWorld is aware of the many people affected by the cancellation including, ticket holders, performers, vendors, volunteers, contractors, and service providers as well as local businesses who were gearing up for the festival to take place in Pinjarra for the first time. Unfortunately, since the cancellation, our staffing levels have dropped significantly and with the help of our loyal volunteers and our festival partners, we are progressively working through providing ticket refunds, paying debts incurred during the planning stage, updating our website and social media, and providing updates on our progress. We are doing our level best to tend to all the tasks and appreciate the patience and support that is being shown.


As for fund raising, there was strong support for the Fairbridge Festival Raffle 2024, which raised more than $14,500 for FolkWorld. The annual raffle is the main fund-raising activity for our beloved festival and is made possible by the generous support of our FolkWorld community and prize donors, particularly Scott Wise and the Nannup Music Festival.

We were grateful that proceeds from Kaleidoscope Multicultural Arts Management’s (KMAM) very successful Showcase event held in April assisted some touring performers affected by the cancellation. Commercial and operational decisions about the Showcase were made by KMAM. FolkWorld helped by providing in-kind marketing support so we could focus on managing ongoing and important Festival cancellation tasks. We were very pleased to see the artists receive such a strong and warm welcome from the FolkWorld festival community.

FolkWorld is planning on holding fund raising events for the Fairbridge Festival and other affected stakeholders – watch this space!

Meanwhile, please get in touch if you have ideas for fundraising. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, please do so here.

What’s next?

The FolkWorld board’s cancellation decision was made only about the Fairbridge Festival 2024 given the circumstances it faced this year. The partnership agreement between FolkWorld and the Shire of Murray covers the Fairbridge Festival 2025 and discussions about this will take place once the many tasks from the 2024 cancellation have been finalised.

FolkWorld has other events and activities planned throughout the year once the cancellation tasks have been completed. We can’t wait to roll these out and look forward to seeing many of you then.

Finally, our grass-roots community is seeking volunteers to help with fundraising, social media and general administration. If you’d like to know more contact: hello@fairbridgefestival.com.au