Annette Griffiths

Our Team

Folkworld Inc is a membership organisation with a board of directors. It’s a not-for-profit, with all proceeds going towards its aims to promote and support folk and world music in WA.

Over the years countless volunteers and staff have worked for us, and we thank them endlessly for their contributions to our special little festival. Below is just the tip of the incredible iceberg of volunteers and other staff that help bring this festival to life.

The Board

Contact the board at board@fairbridgefestival.com.au

Board President: Drew Dymond
Board Vice-President: Jane Aberdeen
Board Secretary: Emma Bradstock
Board Treasurer: Kerri Warner
Board Ordinary Members: David Hyams, Yaso Ponnuthurai, Henry Jackson, Merinda Logie


Contact our staff at hello@fairbridgefestival.com.au

General Manager: Stuart MacLeod
Artistic Director: Rod Vervest


Bernard Carney, Ben Elton, Lucky Oceans, Gina Williams, Andrew Winton
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