This year, we have created this Access & Inclusion Guide to send a very clear message to the community that we are welcoming people who have a disability to Fairbridge Festival.

Fairbridge Festival prides itself of catering to the needs of the whole community and we like to view the festival as a safe, accessible space that allows anyone and everyone to enjoy this remarkable cultural experience. 

As such, we’re always working to improve the experience and this year we’re excited to let you know about a few initiatives that increase the accessibility of the program and the site.  We’re also highlighting the great things we’ve always been doing that maybe we’ve been a bit quiet about.


Now officially registered with WA Companion Card, people with disabilities can show their companion card to receive a free ticket equivalent to the value of ticket purchased by the card holder.  These can be either Day or Festival Tickets for the entire weekend.

For Festival Weekend Tickets, holders of a companion card can contact Louise Vermeulen our Ticket Manager on 0450 207 250 to discuss requirements and accommodation options prior to the festival.  You will be required to email a photo of your companion card OR your companion card number and expiry date to Louise at tickets@fairbridgefestival.com.au

Please note that exclusions apply to some ticket types eg, Cosy Camping, Glamping and cottage accommodation.

More information about the WA Companion Card can be found at http://www.wacompanioncard.org.au/


ACROD parking is available within the festival site.  These are now marked on the festival map. 

Day visitors can park at two primary locations – check with entry staff on arrival and they will direct you to either:

  1. Outside Artists Central (Dining Hall)
  2. Outside Mandja Venue

These two parking areas are accessible during all hours of the festival and there are several bays available.  This is not a temporary drop-off point.

There is a temporary drop-off point for people with disabilities at the ACROD parking area outside the Artists Central (Dining Hall).

Cottage dwellers and campers can park right next to their accommodation. 

Cars must be parked at your accommodation on Friday before 4pm

After 4pm on Friday, vehicles are not permitted to be moved until after 2pm on Sunday.  This is as per the event Terms and Conditions of Entry.  The only exceptions to this would be in the case of emergency.


Bitumen roadways are marked by the large dotted line on the map – See the Legend _ _ _ Roadway (No Vehicle Access) – marked with the Wheelchair.  The Roadways are all accessible. 

Most of the footpaths are accessible throughout the village, though caution is required in some of the footpaths that are dirt or gravel and may not be wheelchair accessible.  Staying on the main well-utilised footways is recommended for wheelchair users, rather than going bush.  Special care is required in the event of rain.


Toilet facilities throughout the site are identified on the map by accessibility symbols – if there is a wheelchair symbol and a shower symbol together, this means that it also contains an accessible shower. 

Accessible public facilities include:

  • Transportable toilets located east of the Chapel food stall area and Mandja stage (near pony rides)
  • Transportable toilets located near the Garden Bar (behind Paper Scissors Rock)
  • One fixed toilet located inside Fairbridge Village Office/Café (only available for use when the café is open)
  • The Clubhouse has a disabled toilet on the side of the main building
  • Fixed toilet and ACROD shower located behind Artist Central / Peacock Bar (Dining Hall)
  • Fixed toilets are available near Ruby Fairbridge Centre, located south of the Oval Camping


All cottages are in the Kingsley Park area and some offer accessible features such as wheelchair accessible ramps, kitchen and bathroom facilities. These are marked on the map. 

There are four cottages that each have two wheelchair access ramps and fully accessible bathrooms:

  • Cottage No 9 Raleigh
  • Cottage No 10 Hudson
  • Cottage No 11 Darwin
  • Cottage No 16 Livingston

All of the above cottages with accessible kitchens are….

Contact the Ticket Manager to confirm your requirements and availability as soon as possible prior to the festival to discuss cottage availability to avoid disappointment.  Please make your booking and enquiries to Louise Vermeulen our Ticket Manager on 0450 207 250 or tickets@fairbridgefestival.com.au

If you book a cottage that has accessible facilities, we will reserve a designated area for you to park your vehicle outside of the cottage.  This area is marked by bunting.


Companion Card holders can apply to camp within the Kingsley Park area by downloading the relevant form from the website and submitting to the Ticket Manager to check availability.  If camping is approved for Kingsley Park, once you arrive at the festival, it is ‘first come, best dressed’ for finding a spot under the Access & Inclusion page on the website.

Alternatively, if Kingsley Park camping is not available, you may choose to camp at the Oval located in the south western area of the site.  This is located close to accessible showers and toilets at the Ruby Fairbridge Centre – see map.

Please address all enquiries to Louise Vermeulen our Ticket Manager on 0450 207 250 or tickets@fairbridgefestival.com.au


The oval is generally the quietest camping area in terms of music sound spill from the venues.   In the far eastern side of the Fields Camping is another good area to avoid sound spill, but it is quite a trek. 


Generally, the site has low level lighting where possible, however, for safety and risk management, there will be some generator powered lighting that can be fairly bright.  Strong lighting is minimised where possible, however is required is some areas (eg ditches and other potential hazards) to ensure safety at the festival.


See the map for Knife & Fork symbol map legend for food stalls areas, where there will be strong food smells. 

Additionally, some of the site electricity is provided by generators and sometimes there could be strong odours in the immediate vicinity which people may find overwhelming.  These generators are required to provide lighting for safety as per the festival’s risk management plan.