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Fairbridge Festival 2014

Friday 25 April to Sunday 27 April 2014

Expression of Interest - Performers

Closing date 30 September 2013


The festival appreciates your interest in participating in this great weekend of handmade music, dance and entertainment.

We request that you read our Information and tips for applicants before submitting this form, thanks!

As a general rule, we do not book the same act in consecutive years, unless they fill a particular niche or are offering something particularly new or interesting, and we generally don't book the same interstate or international act more than one year out of three.

Australian applicants from outside Western Australia - please fill in Contact Info, Type of Act, Act Description and Performance Fee sections only for now and do not send further material unless we ask for it - we will contact you if we require demo materials and further details.

Overseas performers: please be advised we can only accept applications from an agent within Australia.

Expressions of interest will only be accepted online - please fill in the form below.


We encourage you to make support material available online via website, YouTube or MySpace. If on-line material is representative of the act you are offering, then there is no need to mail additional material. We will contact you if we require a demo recording, photos etc.

Please carefully read and fully complete this form. Please see instructions below for submission of demos and other material, and please keep publicity material to two pages maximum.


All applicants will be notified by email of the result of their application by mid January 2014. (End November 2013 for interstate/international applicants). The programmers' decision is final, and we are not able to enter into correspondence about unsuccessful applications.

Please retain a copy of your application and be sure to notify by mail or email any changes to the supplied information. We suggest you print out this form after completion to ensure you have a hardcopy of your application.

Please fill in a separate form for each act you would like listed separately in the program book. If you are offering a number of workshops or thematic performances by essentially the same act, please just send in one application.

Use uppercase and lowercase letters as you normally would, but please avoid using carriage returns (line breaks) within text boxes, thanks.

Please DON'T type in ALL CAPS or all lowercase (we have to do lots of fiddly editing if you do).



Please put spaces in phone numbers e.g. 08 1234 5678

or 0400 123 456

not 0400123456

thanks - that saves us a surprising amount of work!


Name of act      

Contact name
Given name        


Email*                   PLEASE CHECK CAREFULLY

Website. http:// 
Other web demo presence (Myspace, Youtube Bandcamp etc). http:// 

Ph h                      

Ph bus                 

Ph mob                



Type of act offered


What sort of performance or show are you offering? Make sure all these options would be appropriate to list under your act's name in the program book. If not, you might need to make separate application under another name.

  (please tick whichever boxes apply - you can tick as many boxes as you like):

Concert Act
Yes No

Theme presentation
Yes No

Participative workshop*
Yes No

Dance band
Yes No

Dance display
Yes No

Children's craft activity*
Yes No

Children's concert/workshop
Yes No

Street activity/busking
Yes No

Spoken word
Yes No

Yes No

Suitable for Youthopia (13-25 age group)
Yes No

  Aboriginal content
Yes No

Theatrical performance
Yes No



Children's or Youth workshop/activity*:

Please indicate target age group(s): 

Under 6  Yes No              6-10  Yes No             
  Yes No             14-25  Yes No


* please   provide a brief description under “workshops” below.

Description of act

(For program and promotional purposes)

Please provide one paragraph of no more than fifty words suitable for publicity purposes and for inclusion in the festival program. This is what the public will read about you if you are included in the program. Please make it descriptive so the public will be clear about your style of performance, mention where you are from (if not the Perth metro area), and write in the third person. Please make it a single paragraph with no line breaks.

Support material to be sent

Please ensure your demo is representative of the live performance you are offering.

If you are applying from outside WA, please don't send support materials unless we contact you and ask for them, thanks.

If your material is available online there is no need to send hardcopy or CD-ROM.

  • Support material available on website (URL above) ( Yes No )
  • Support material available on MySpace (URL above) ( Yes No )

    Support material such as CDs, DVDs to be sent by email to program@folkworldfestival.com.au by the closing date.


The main program will come on line from late afternoon Friday, and finish about 9 pm Sunday.

Please specify availability from 10am Friday to 9 pm Sunday. This is on the understanding that you may be programmed at our discretion at any time within these limits. It is sometimes necessary to adjust program times at short notice.

Personnel and overlaps

We need to know individual names as far as possible to avoid programming clashes.

If you can't give exact names please list all you can, or at least indicate total number. This is important, as we have limited accommodation available for artists and it is essential that we know how many people we need to find space for.

We regret that no additions can be allowed later than 2 weeks before the festival.

Please specify any overlaps with other acts possibly applying:

Names of all people involved in act. Please use the following format: firstname sedcondname/firstname secondname/ etc - don't use paragraph breaks within the box).

Performance fee and GST/ABN status

*If you are not quoting an ABN, you will need to fill in an ATO Statement by Supplier to indicate why – otherwise we will have to deduct tax at source.

You can download the ATO form HERE

We attempt to pay reasonable fees to professional performers, but our budget is limited, and we recognise that hobby or part-time performers may wish to quote lower fees to enhance their chances. We will guarantee a fee to all performers, along with free accommodation on the festival site for performers and immediate family (partners and/or children), if you are performing over more than one day.

We are NOT usually able to offer free tickets for accompanying family members or partners, except in the case of acts including performers under 18, in which case we will provide a free ticket for one accompanying adult from each family involved. Other acts will have the option of purchasing additional tickets for family members at discounted prices. If this is a major obstacle to you, please email to discuss ways of working this into your quote. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT WE KNOW THE NUMBER OF TICKETS YOU REQUIRE AT THE OUTSET, as we are limited in the number of performers tickets we offer.

Please indicate your requested fee here - this should be inclusive of all costs.

Please note - we will regard this as a firm non-negotiable figure. Please don't expect us to get back to you to negotiate a lower fee. We will make our decision based on the fee you quote here.

Total package fee for Festival $ 
for up to  performances

including travel and GST if applicable.

  GST registered   Yes No

Have ABN?           Yes No

If no, is an ABN pending? Yes No


Hobby Performer Yes* No

*Tick this box if   you carry on this activity without expectation of profit, and do not have an ABN – you will need to complete and sign an ATO declaration. We will advise further on selection.

Payment cheque to be made in name of    


For local acts who are performing on more than one day of the festival, the festival will provide free camping to artists and immediate family (max 2 adults, 2 children up to age 17) in the designated Artists Camping Area.

Out-of-town performers are offered cottage accommodation (shared dormitory-style). Some "Tent City" camping accommodation is available as an alternative to out-of-town performers.

Cottage and/or tent city accommodation is limited and it is essential that we know how many people we need to find space for. Please be reasonable with the number of beds you request. We cannot provide beds for all partners and children. If you ask for a large number of beds as a condition of performing, there is a chance we may not be able to book you as a result.

Local performers will have the option to purchase Tent City camping as an alternative to camping in Artists area. Local performers may also purchase cottage beds if they are available.

Cottage accommodation at the Village is strictly limited, and priority will be given to performers from overseas and interstate. Unfortunately cottage beds cannot be guaranteed to all who ask for them. Most cottage rooms are shared, and single and double rooms are very scarce. PLEASE NOTE: You will probably be asked to share a room if offered cottage accommodation, as we cannot always guarantee private rooms.

Please indicate your preference:

( Yes No)       Would prefer to perform on one day only and do not require accommodation

( Yes No)      Willing to camp. Camping required for  people

( Yes No)       Willing to camp but would prefer cottage accommodation for  people. (Please indicate camping requirements on line above in case cottage accommodation is not available for you).

( Yes No)       Cottage accommodation required for  people as a condition of performing at the festival. Tick this box if you will NOT accept a booking UNLESS you are offered cottage accommodation. Please see the note in the box to the left.

Stage and sound requirements


INTERSTATE and INTERNATIONAL acts -it is an essential requirement to let us know about backline hire requirements at the time of application, thank you.

Please also note that we need to know at the outset if you have any additional production requirements.

PA system is supplied in all venues (except for some workshop venues). Backline (drum kit without cymbals, bass amp) is provided in most venues. Local acts performing in venues where backline is not supplied will be asked to bring their own backline gear.

Note: Any special requirements beyond the normal PA facilities are the responsibility of the artists. See below for requirements for workshop presenters.

No. of voice microphones             
No. of instrument microphones  
No. of DIs                                        
No. of radio/wireless mics            
(please don't ask for these unless absolutely essential)

List your own backline and/or PA equipment being used   - we need to know if you plan to bring your own drum kit, or on-stage guitar amps or bass amps, or if you will be providing your own microphones or other gear.   We don't need a full list of all the instruments you play.


Minimum set-up time                     mins
Minimum break-down time            mins

(Please note that most concerts at the festival only allow for fifteen minutes set up time for bands, five for solo acts; we can only book a limited number of acts requiring longer set-ups).


Please list any special requirements (e.g. phantom power, radio mics) that you need us to supply, or if you would require the festival to provide drum kit, bass amps, guitar amps, keyboard or other backline equipment (please note that the festival will only do this for acts flying in from interstate, we will not provide backline or keyboard for local acts). This is essential to ensure that you have the equipment you need. If you do not request this equipment here we cannot guarantee that we are able to provide it. Please don't use paragraph breaks within the box.

Please let us know in the box below if you have any additional production requirements than you need us to supply - e.g. projector and screen for audio-visual presentation, additional PA systems for outdoor performance. We may or may not be able to comply, but we won't know unless you ask.

Stage plan : Please send us a stage plan if your act is a group with more than three members, or if you have specific requirements. Please send this in electronic format if possible - scanned as a jpg is fine.

Children's or Youth presentations, workshops or concerts

If you are offering a performance or workshop intended for any under 18 age group not covered by your general act description above, please enter a description here, with an indication of the target age group. Continue in the same box if offering more than one. Please don't use paragraph breaks within the box.






Workshops involve some degree of audience participation and typically teach a skill; presentations are concerts or performances on a particular theme.

Please give us a brief (100 word max) description of your workshop and/or presentation(s), as you would like it to appear in the program book. Please continue in the same box if you are offering more than one. Please don't use paragraph breaks within the box.


Workshop requires amplification?  Yes No

Please Indicate if you need to play CDs Yes No       

Dance display acts only

Please indicate if you:

Perform with live music? Yes No

Need to play CDs? Yes No

Can perform unamplified? Yes No

Use loud percussion which may spill into nearby venues? Yes No

Declaration by


I acknowledge in dating and returning this form that

1) I have read the notes on this form (particularly those applying to accommodation), and that I agree to perform under the specified terms if selected

2) I understand that this application does not guarantee selection, and that if selected, the festival programmers have the sole right to determine the act's performance schedule (within the specified availability).

3) I understand that the festival does not provide free tickets to partners and family of performers unless specifically agreed before the contract is signed, and that additional tickets to performers not listed on this application will not be issued later than two weeks before the festival.

The programmers' decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into.


Submit Form

Please check all details carefully and return form by no later than Sept 30 2013 by clicking the Submit button below. Support materials (demos, photos, press kits etc) must also be postmarked not later than Sept 30th.

We strongly recommend that you print out and keep a copy of this form. You do not need to mail us a hard copy.

Click the button below to submit completed application – PLEASE do not click more than once .

You should get an acknowledgment web page right away, and an acknowledgement email within a few minutes. If you don't it will be because the email address you entered is incorrect.
If you spot any errors on the confirmation, please email program@folkworld.com.au to let us know.

Again, PLEASE don’t click more than once .

Mailing support material

We strongly encourage you to supply support materials online. If you have suitable audio or video clips available on websites, MySpace, YouTube, whatever, there is no need to mail us anything else.

Hardcopy support material anddemos should be mailed to

Fairbridge Festival Programmers
PO Box 2023,
Marmion, WA 6020

postmarked not later than Sept 30 2013.

Please do not send email attachments larger than 1 MB in size - no MP3 clips, photos as jpgs only, thanks.

We regret that we are unable to return application materials.

Enquiries:   program@folkworldfestival.com.au

Thanks again for your interest in our festival and for taking the time to complete this form!

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