General Information
  • Caravans, camper trailers, buses and campervans are ok in all areas, except the Oval
  • One car per camping group. Park extra cars in Day parking outside the village gate
  • Access lanes are clearly marked so please don’t camp on those, thanks
  • Once you have set yourself up, please don’t drive around the area
  • Comply with the No Vehicle Movement rules if you’re in a designated NVM area
  • Early risers and night owls – be kind and keep noise levels low
  • Under 18s must be supervised at all times
  • Naughty behaviour and language is not allowed
  • Bring a torch for safe movement at night
  • There are no powered sites
  • Drinking water is available in the festival precinct

For some super useful tips on getting the most out of your camping experience, head over to our Happy Campers Tips page.


Fields/Oval Camping

If you have a Fields/Oval ticket, you can choose which of these two areas to camp in

Oval Camping

The Oval is the first area inside the festival gate to your right

  • Regular cars and tents only, no caravans, camper trailers or buses
  • Oval is a No Vehicle Movement (NVM) area
  • Flat, lovely lawn
  • A strict quiet time curfew of 2:00am applies each night of the festival.
Fields Camping

The Fields are located at the far end of the festival site and close to festival precinct

  • Beautiful views down the valley and surrounding hills
  • Tents, caravans, campervans, buses and camper trailers – any size
  • Cars parked in the No Vehicle Movement (NVM) area cannot be moved between 8:00pm Fri-noon Sunday 
  • A strict quiet time curfew of 2:00am applies each night of the festival

Upgraded Camping

If you want to spend a bit more, there’s a few options to make your camping experience that little bit more special

Rivergrounds Camping

Rivergrounds is a premium camp area that sells out fast

  • Ticket allocation is very limited in this small area
  • No Vehicle Movement (NVM) camping area  
  • No camping is allowed outside this entry gate  
  • A quiet curfew time of 2:00am both Saturday and Sunday  
  • Vehicles cannot be moved between 8:00pm Friday-noon Sunday
Cosy Camping

Cosy Camping is the full camping experience without the hassle.  Thanks to the Cosy Team and Getaway Outdoors

  • Tent and comfy place to lay your head set up and ready – just bring your own bedding
  • Exclusive Friday 5pm Champers with Campers gig
  • Reserved parking space right next to the Cosy Village

With our partners,Soul Camping, you can really treat yourself to some luxury! 

Festival Environment

Please respect this historic site and LEAVE NO TRACE – together we can do it

  • Use the waste and recycle bins as marked – serious composting happens on site 
  • Please don’t leave cigarette butts on the ground – toxic to furry friends and a fire hazard 
  • Pick up even the tiny things like bottle tops – animals graze here when we’re not dancing! 
  • Leave excess packaging at home
  • Use the Keep Australia Beautiful bags that you get on arrival 

Keep Australia Beautiful and Bin It





To learn more about our commitment to protecting this beautiful site, head to our Sustainability page