You got questions? We got answers!


How do I buy tickets for the festival?

Online from Moshtix OR contact them here OR via a Ticket outlet

I do not have a credit card or printer. How do I purchase tickets?

Check Moshtix for outlets where you can pay with cash or debit card.

Can I have a refund or exchange my ticket?

Sorry, no refunds will be given. Exchanges are permitted through Moshtix if the ticket values are identical, no fee applies. If we have to postpone or cancel the event, we will offer refunds!

Can I give my ticket to a friend or change the name?
Yes! We require that all tickets match photo ID when you enter the festival. If you can no longer attend and would like to give your tickets to a friend instead of re-selling them via the Moshtix resale option, you need to follow the instructions here – How do I change the name or date of birth on (reissue) my ticket? – Tix Support (moshtix.com.au)
Is your internet credit card payment system secure?

Our processes include the latest security recommendations and the Moshtix system meets current best practice.

Do I need a ticket for my under 5-year-old child?

0-4 year-old children are free to enter and camp and no ticket is required. However, a wristband will be issued for them on arrival at the festival.

Do those on an A, B or C ticket need to be members of one family?

No. Any two adults and any two 5-17yr olds can use a Bundle ticket to suit them.

Not all on our A, B or C ticket can arrive at the same time. How do we get in?

A, B or C Bundle tickets (discounted) should arrive together. But, if any of your group simply can’t come at the same time then all four wristbands will be given to the first person to arrive, for them to distribute. We can’t hold wristbands at the gate for late arrivals – sorry!

What age qualifies for a free child ticket?

0-4 yr olds get free entry and camping. Buy tickets for children 5-12 years.

What age qualifies for a youth ticket?

A youth is between the age of 13 and 17 years.

Does an 18 year old, who is still a student, qualify for a youth ticket?

No sorry, but a student cardholder who is 18+yrs qualifies for an adult concession ticket.

At what date is my age qualification determined?

The day on which you arrive at the festival, not the date of ticket purchase.

I kept my tickets from the 2020 festival, but my child is older now and doesn't meet the age requirements for their ticket. Do I need to buy a different ticket?

Drop us a line here and we will sort you out!

What qualifies me for an adult concession and is ID required on entry?

ID is required on entry. We accept Concession Cards issued by Centrelink and Veterans’ Affairs for those that qualify for a pension. We also accept tertiary Student Cards.

Does a National Seniors or a WA Seniors Card qualify me for an adult concession?

No, sorry!

When can I expect to get my tickets?

Your e-ticket/s will arrive in your email inbox after purchase is completed and you can print-at-home or digitally store on your device. If you have retained tickets from the 2020 festival, you will be reissued your 2021 tickets shortly!

What happens if I can’t print my tickets or I accidently delete them?

All your e-tickets are stored in the account history in your Moshtix account. Login here

Need more help with login or ticket loss? Find it here

Will tickets be available at the gate?

In 2021 we will not be having gate sales. Due to COVID restrictions, our capacity is strictly limited! If there are any tickets left when gates open on Friday morning, you can still purchase them online. BUT, we will probably sell out before then!

Will camping be available at the gate?

In 2021 we will not be having gate sales. Due to COVID restrictions, our capacity is strictly limited! If there are any tickets left when gates open on Friday morning, you can still purchase them online. BUT, we will probably sell out before then!


Can I buy camping only?

Not online. All camping is bought in a combined Festival with Camping ticket.

In 2021 we will not be having gate sales. Due to COVID restrictions, our capacity is strictly limited! If there are any tickets left when gates open on Friday morning, you can still purchase them online. BUT, we will probably sell out before then!

Can I camp in Kinglsey Park?

Tickets for Kingsley Park camping area are reserved for event operations, artists, volunteers and access patrons. Please contact hello@folkworld.com.au  if you require further information or help.

Can I bring a generator?

Yes, but please consider your neighbours regarding noise and pollution.  There is a midnight – 6am curfew.

Are open fires allowed?

No open fires are allowed anywhere in the camping areas or the festival precinct. However, you can use small gas camp stoves.

Is there access to drinking water?

Yes. You can drink all tap water on-site but for conservation and convenience we suggest you bring the water you’ll need for the duration. Bringing your own reusable water bottle (and coffee cup!) for personal use is also helpful. See the map for locations of taps.

Where are the various camping areas located in relation to the festival precinct?

See the map for all areas and their ‘walking distance’ to the precinct.

Can I bring a caravan, camper trailer, or campervan? Or are only tents allowed?

You can bring a camper trailer, campervan, or caravan except for Oval area. See Camping for more details.   

I don’t have a tent, what can I do?

We have some ready-to-go camping options on our ticketing page, such as Cosy Camping and Glamping! Alternatively, you can look to hire a caravan, camper trailer, or campervan for the weekend.

How will I know where to find my camping area once inside the gate?

Our vehicle marshal team will help you find your chosen camp area.  Access ways will be designated so please be aware of those when parking and setting up.

My friends/family already have Festival with Camping tickets. Can I just “bunk in” with them?

Nope, sorry. You also need to  buy a Festival with Camping ticket for yourself as our camping is provided on a “per person pays” system.

Can I drive my car to my campsite?

There is only room for one car per family-sized group in the camping areas. If you have two cars you will need to leave one of them in the car park (paddock) outside the gate. Strictly one car only for A, B or C Bundle ticket holders.

Can I camp with my friends?

It’s best if you can arrive together to find a spot for your group or bring their tent and set it up for them. What a great friend!

Can I camp anywhere once I am in my selected camp area?

Yes. There are no marked sites within each camping area. When you get to your selected area, find a spot that suits you. Please be kind to others and only use the space you really need. It goes without saying that if someone has already set up camp, you can’t move their stuff!

Can I go into town to get extra provisions during the event?

Only if you are not in a “no vehicle movement” area, so we recommend stocking up before you arrive or use the many catering outlets on site.

What is a ‘no vehicle movement’ area?

Rivergrounds, Oval, Kingsley Park, and part of Fields are designated ‘no vehicle movement’ zones.  On arrival at Fields, you can choose this option and you will be directed to where you should set up. In any of these ‘no vehicle movement’ areas, you will not be allowed to move your vehicle between 8pm Friday and midday Sunday. This is great for families, especially those with small children.

Can I purchase grocery items and ice on site?

There are no grocery items available for purchase on site. Gus’s Bar sells ice and there is also an ice truck outside the Fairbridge Village Shop.


Can I take my guide dog to the festival?

Yes, you can.

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry. No pets are allowed even if they are the cutest!


What kind of weather can I expect?

Check the BOM website for Pinjarra before you set out.  Although we generally have good weather, being April it can still be warm, so don’t forget your sunscreen.

What happens if it rains?

Being prepared is best!  Our venues are pretty much all under cover, so any rain will not interrupt your festival enjoyment!


Where will I find toilets and showers?

These are mostly grouped together to allow efficient servicing and water supply. They are marked on the map inside your Program Guide. Locations are subject to change if there are unforeseen site conditions.


Can I access WIFI?
You can access the Fairbridge Festival WiFi network at $15 per day or $35 for three days

– Search for WiFi networks on your device
– Select “Fairbridge Guest WiFi”
– A sign in window will appear requesting payment details or pre-paid voucher number (you can buy vouchers at the shop)
– Once signed in, you will have connectivity for the designated time period (one or three days)


Can I stay in a cottage?

Sorry, no. These are mostly reserved for artists and event management although some cottages are designed for access.  If you have access needs, please contact the festival hello@folkworld.com.au to discuss your options.  There is also a range of off-site accommodation in Pinjarra and Mandurah. See our Off-site Accommodation page for more info. 

Who qualifies as a “responsible adult”?

Please refer to the Fairbridge Festival terms and conditions.

What time do gates open?

Gates open at 9.00am Friday – Strictly no patron access prior to this time.

Will there be an ATM, including credit card, at the festival?

Yes. There are two ATMs located centrally within the festival precinct.

What does Smoke Free Festival mean?

All venues and thoroughfares within the festival precinct are smoke free including all venues, catering, markets, and the access ways in between. Smoking is not permitted inside the cottages, on verandahs, or in any buildings.

Can I consume alcohol at the event?

Yes. There are licensed areas in various locations around the festival site. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted outside of the licensed areas and BYO is not permitted. Please be responsible when consuming alcohol.

What food facilities are available?

There are great food outlets/trucks located within the festival. The Fairbridge Village store offers simple café facilities with bagged ice from a truck outside.

Is there a festival lock-up where I can leave my valuables?

No, sorry.  The best thing is to lock them in your car.

Can I charge my phone or camera battery at the festival?

Yes. A phone charging service is available on site for a small fee. Bring your own charger.

Is there disabled parking available for holders of ACROD stickers?

Yes. We offer parking just inside the main entry gate; see entry staff upon arrival.

Can I record any performances?

Sound/video recordings of performances cannot be made for commercial use without prior written consent of the event organisers.

Will I be photographed?

Festival attendees may be photographed and their images used.

Can I busk? Can my child busk?
Busking is permitted at the festival! We love to see such enthusiasm.
However, busking is an extremely popular activity onsite. We please ask that all buskers keep to reasonable volumes and stay away from venues and eating areas. No amplification is permitted. We may have to ask you to move on if your busking is interfering with our artists onstage or our ability to maintain Covid safe eating areas.
Thanks and can’t wait to see you there!
Can I bring my bikes, scooter, skateboard, or drone?

Bikes, scooters, skateboards, and drones are not permitted in the festival precinct. 

Are there any hazards?

There are natural hazards, including trip hazards, on this rural site. All care is taken by the festival organisers to manage these, but you are encouraged to be aware of the environment while onsite.

Is there a children’s registration area?

Yes. We have a Kids Registration area for lodging your contact information. A photograph can be taken with permission.  Photographs will only be used in the event of a lost child. 

Where do I go if my child is lost?

Please go to festival Headquarters and complete a Lost Child form including contact details and camping location.  Our experienced team will alert venue managers, security, and other crew members with the appropriate information about lost children.

What if I find a lost child?

If possible, take the child to the Kid’s Registration area or Headquarters and assist our team to complete the necessary forms.  If the child is reluctant to move, ensure a crew member is notified (those with a radio). Our team will take the necessary steps to ensure the child’s safety and wellbeing.

Is the children’s registration area safe?

Yes. We engage volunteers and staff who have a current Working with Children card and have experience working with children.


What precautions are in place to keep festival patrons safe from COVID-19?

The safety of our festival patrons is of the utmost importance to us!

We are following all Health Department guidelines and suggestions to ensure our festival is COVID-safe. Our COVID Event Plan identifies and implements public health measures to ensure the safety of patrons, including physical distancing requirements, hygiene and cleaning regimes, and staff management.

If you have any other questions, drop us a line here.