Help keep Fairbridge Festival litter free

Keep Australia Beautiful have provided campers with orange litter bags to clean up around your camp site. Remember to use separate bags for general waste, recycling, and compost. You will find a few bin sorting stations around the festival site, so please help us to lighten our footprint by separating your waste. Please also consider taking any new items out of cardboard packing and recycle before you even leave home. Every bit helps!

Please please dispose of cigarette butts in a bin, don’t throw them on the ground. They take 12 years to break down in the environment and wildlife can mistake them for food. There are free KAB cigarette disposal pouches at the Ticket Tent.

Consider taking your own reusable water bottle or reusable coffee cup for refilling.

Take a cloth bag with you for shopping at market stalls and avoid unnecessary plastic wherever you can.

Have a fun stay, Respect the village – Leave No Traceย and do your best to reduce your waste!


Fairbridge Festival is helping to reduce landfill while also enriching the land on which it takes part on!

We are working closely with the team at Fairbridge Village to make our footprint a positive one.

At the festival, our fabulous Waste Team volunteers help throughout the whole process and without them our vision and goals wouldn’t be successful!

Bin Fairies are situated at the main recycling station in the Chapel Food Court. Their job is to help people put the right thing in the right bin and answer any questions people might have.

Bin Ninjas are next. They are mobile and stealthy. They change out full bins by taking them to interchange points around the festival where they are then picked up and taken to the waste yard for sorting.

Bindicoots is the last group of volunteers in the sorting process. Their job is to manage the three different waste streams coming in (landfill, recycling, and compostable). They sort through the contaminants in any of these waste streams by hand. You can help this process by placing items in the right bins. You’ll be helping to reduce waste at the festival too!

Look out for the recycling symbol on any packaging. These items should be put in the recycling bin.

All food scraps can be put in the compost bin.

There are a lot of compostable items at the festival too so people can look for words like ‘biodegradable’ or ‘compostable’. Our food vendors use compostable/biodegradable plates, cups, and cutlery, so you know it can be put into the compost bin. Anything that once lived can be composted.

Two easy questions people can ask themselves, when disposing of their waste, to help the festival be more sustainable:

  1. Has it got the recycling symbol on it? Yes! It goes to the recycling bin.
  2. Is it something that once lived? Yes! It goes to the compost bin.

This is YOUR festival! Help us make it better for us, for our children and for the planet.