Fairbridge Festival 2024 – Important Announcement

by | Mar 6, 2024 | Latest news | 0 comments

 FolkWorld Inc. is extremely disappointed to announce the 2024 Fairbridge Festival has been cancelled. 

 Lagging ticket sales, increased production costs and as importantly, insufficient volunteers to put on a festival of this kind, have meant the much-loved Fairbridge Festival is unable to proceed in 2024. 

 President of FolkWorld Inc. Jane Aberdeen, said the decision was heartbreaking for the Board and the team. 

 “We carefully weighed up all risks, considered advice from staff about lagging tickets sales, increased costs and as important, insufficient volunteers, and decided the Festival could not proceed. We have worked tirelessly to identify potential solutions, and thank Festival Partner, the Shire of Murray, the state government and our membership for their ongoing collaboration.” 

 “We would like to extend this thanks to everyone who has supported the Festival and we look forward to sharing music, dance and camaraderie with you at our other events planned throughout the year and future festivals,” she said. 

 All ticket sales will be automatically refunded.