Who's Playing?

We’re so excited to announce our first artists, an incredible lineup of local, national, and international talent. Stay tuned – there’s 60+ more to come!


Albi & The Wolves (NZ)

Ami Williamson (AUS)

Andrea Kirwin & Yama-Nui Social Club (FIJI/AUS)

Anesu (WA)

Banjo Werm (WA)

Boox Kid (WA)

Cigany Weaver (AUS)

Fleour Alder’s “Djilba” (WA)

Gia Como (WA)

Ghost Care (WA)

Jenny Mitchell (NZ)

Lois Olney (WA)

Lucy Wise & Stephen Taberner (AUS)

Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan (AUS)

The Chipolatas (UK)

The Little HOO-HAA! (WA)

Xani (AUS)

Woody’s World (AUS)