Terms & Conditions 2024


Please read the following terms and conditions prior to purchasing tickets from Moshtix. To download a copy, please click here: Festival Terms & Conditions 2024

Ticketing Rules

Please select your tickets carefully. No refunds will be given. You must carefully enter the full name and date of birth of each attendee. Every ticket will be emailed separately with its barcode. This is to allow festival attendees to arrive separately.

Camping only tickets cannot be purchased separately; they are only available as part of a combined Festival & Camping ticket.

By buying a ticket you, and each person you buy for, accepts that photographers will be present within the entire festival areas and that festival attendees may be photographed and/or filmed and their images used for marketing purposes.

We are a participant in the Companion Card scheme. Companion Card holders are entitled to a ticket for their carer to the same value as that purchased by the Companion Card holder. Some exclusions apply eg: Glamping & Cosy Camping tickets. Email hello@fairbridgefestival.com.au for further information.

Your purchase will automatically add you to our e-mailing list unless you opt out.

Volunteers – Please ensure you also read the volunteer specific information on our website regarding tickets and working with us.

Gates to the festival campgrounds open 8.00am Friday 5 April 2024 and there is strictly no public access prior to this date and time.

Pedestrian access to the festival precinct (either the river crossing or street entrance via the Ticket Tent) opens at midday Friday 5 April, 2024. No access to festival precinct before this time. Security will be in place.

Friday evening ticket holders will be permitted from 4pm Friday via the Ticket Tent entry.

Entry Rules

All ticket holders must show identification e.g.: a current Australian driver’s license (International driver’s licenses are not accepted), passport, proof of age card or a student SmartRider card. No ID, no entry.

Please have your e-ticket and photo ID ready for processing. Festival & Camping ticket holders must leave the festival site no later than 9am Monday following the event.


Vehicle Passes

  • Every vehicle that requires access to the campsite must possess a valid vehicle pass. No vehicle pass, no vehicle entry (some ticket holder exemptions apply)
  • It is essential to consider carpooling whenever possible to reduce the festival’s environmental impact and alleviate traffic congestion
  • Vehicle passes must be prominently displayed on the vehicle’s windshield to ensure efficient entry and exit to the campsite
  • Please respect any maximum occupancy limits for each vehicle and adhere to parking guidelines provided by festival staff
  • Any vehicle found without a valid vehicle pass may be denied access to the campground, and the occupants will need to make suitable arrangements for parking or entry
  • Be mindful of our commitment to environmental sustainability by minimizing your carbon footprint and reducing the number of vehicles on the festival grounds


Security and Bag Check

  • All festival attendees are subject to security and bag checks upon entry to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.
  • Prohibited items, including weapons, illegal substances, and hazardous materials, will not be allowed on the festival grounds.
  • Any attendee found in possession of prohibited items will be denied entry and may face legal action.



The 2024 FolkWorld Fairbridge Festival is a licensed venue. Consuming alcohol is restricted to the designated licensed areas. No BYO is permitted in the festival campgrounds or festival precinct areas. Security checks will be in place.

Festival organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any person who:

  • cannot produce a valid ticket
  • cannot produce suitable photographic identification
  • produces a ticket that has been purchased or obtained through an unauthorised source or through illegal means
  • produces a ticket that has been duplicated
  • is in possession of alcohol – it is prohibited to bring alcohol to any festival area
  • is in possession of, and refuses to surrender, any prohibited or illegal substance or object

Festival organisers reserve the right to remove from the festival or campground area any person who:

  • is not wearing a relevant and official festival wristband
  • is in breach of any relevant Terms and Conditions
  • is responsible for another person who has been removed from the festival area
  • is involved in any illegal activity, including underage drinking. The festival organisers reserve the right to refer the matter to Police
  • behaves in a manner that unreasonably interferes with another person’s enjoyment of the festival
  • causes damage or threatens the safety of other people on the site
  • lights a fire or possesses flares/ fireworks



Individual campsites are not allocated. Camp monitors are on-hand to help. Please follow their guidance and adhere to instructions for the safety of all. Cars must only be driven at walking pace within the campground area before setting up. There is a no vehicle movement rule in place, other than for emergencies and ACROD customers.


Access to Festival Precinct

Fairbridge Festival 2024 has established a separate campground and festival precincts, with the Murray River as the natural boundary. To facilitate movement between these areas, a pedestrian river crossing will be provided, although this access will require the use of stairs. This crossing serves as the exclusive direct link between the campground and festival precincts. It’s important to note that wheelchair users and access customers who are camping will be exempt from the no vehicle movement rule. This will enable the use of their own vehicles for transport between the festival campground and festival precinct (pedestrian entry at Ticket Tent). Dedicated ACROD parking bays are available adjacent to the pedestrian entry for added convenience. Maps of the campground and festival precinct will be updated periodically.


Venturing Outside of Designated Campground Area

It is imperative that festival attendees remain within the designated camping areas and refrain from crossing fence lines into other paddocks. Any individual found breaching this policy will face immediate expulsion from the festival and campgrounds without any refund or compensation. We kindly request all festival-goers to respect our neighbours and adhere to this rule, as it is crucial for maintaining a harmonious and respectful relationship with the surrounding community.


River and Riverbank

Any access to the river or riverbank (including swimming), other than the designated river crossing, is strictly prohibited and undertaken at the individual’s own risk. Festival organisers will not be held responsible for any incidents, accidents, or injuries that may occur as a result of unauthorised river or riverbank access. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of festival access without refund or compensation. We prioritise the safety and well-being of all festival attendees and urge everyone to respect this rule for the benefit of all.


Recreational Self-Propelled Transportation

Bikes, trikes, scooters, skateboards etc are not allowed within the festival precinct or campground areas (with the exception of Crew members). Drones are not allowed within any festival areas or campgrounds.

There are natural hazards including trip hazards on the festival sites and all care is taken by the festival organisers however, attendees are encouraged to be aware of their environment while on site.


Smoking (including e-cigarettes)

Smoking is not permitted inside the festival precinct area OR any venue.

PLEASE NOTE: A strict fire ban will be in place – no open fires to be lit at any time.



Sorry, no type of animals are allowed either in the festival campgrounds or the festival precinct. Guide Dogs and dogs displaying an official Assistance animal jacket (with accepted approval credentials) will be permitted – see here for details. Please bring a copy. Please ensure you pick up any little ‘parcels’.


Persons Under 18 Years of Age

All attendees under 18 years of age (child/children) must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult guardian while within the festival area.

Responsible adult guardian means a parent, guardian or any other person charged with the normal functions of a parent/ guardian in relation to a child for the duration of the festival.

A responsible adult guardian

  • must be aged at least 21 years old.
  • must be contactable by mobile phone during the event.
  • may be responsible for no more than three children in addition to those for whom they have long-term parental/ guardianship responsibilities.
  • must provide current contact details with their ticket purchase.
  • must be in the festival area at all times that the relevant child is present.
  • agree to our terms and conditions of entry.
  • ensure that prior to arrival at the event, any associated ticket holders are aware of the consequences for any breaches of these terms and conditions.


Behaviour and Conduct

  • Festival attendees are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that promotes a safe and respectful environment for all.
  • Harassment, discrimination, or violent conduct will not be tolerated, and any such behaviour may result in expulsion from the festival without refund.
  • Compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations is required.


COVID-19 and Public Health Guidelines

  • The festival will follow all COVID-19 guidelines, as mandated by local health authorities if required.
  • It goes without saying that if you’re feeling unwell, please do not attend.


Litter and Waste Disposal

  • All festival-goers are responsible for disposing of their litter and waste in designated containers.
  • Any littering or improper waste disposal may result in expulsion from the festival.
  • Campers are expected to take their waste back home.


Intellectual Property

  • All festival content, branding, and merchandise are protected by copyright and trademark laws.
  • Attendees are not permitted to reproduce, sell, or distribute festival-related content, merchandise, or branding without prior written consent.