The Ultimate Fairbridge Festival Experience Winners

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Do you remember during our early-bird ticket period, we offered the chance to win The Ultimate Fairbridge Festival Experience? Let us refresh your memory. This was a special, money-can’t-buy prize that included camping packs, VIP access, meet-and-greets, wine and food vouchers plus more!

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of this extraordinary prize are sister-duo Nicole and Elizbeth Gray! Nicole is a regular Fairbridge Festival goer, and 2019 will be Elizabeth’s first time!

We asked Nicole what she loves about Fairbridge Festival. This is what she had to say, “I’ve been attending the festival almost every year for nearly the past decade. I recall vividly walking in the first year I attended and feeling so thrilled by the atmosphere. I felt like I had arrived at a place that was truly “me”. I also felt disappointed that I had been missing out on such a fantastic experience for the many preceding years.”

“What do I love about Fairbridge Festival? EVERYTHING! The music is so varied and the venues so different. I can sink into the beauty of the acoustics in the chapel and feel the high energy in venues such as Ruby’s or Djindalux.”

Fairbridge Festival 2018. Photo by Kieran McFarlane.

“The festival is a real levelling experience. Exchanging smiles with elders and enjoying seeing the young ones busk without fear or self-consciousness. I recall seeing the actress Emma Thompson one year just blending into the crowd. I later realised she is a friend of Ben Elton and the seeds were being sown for the film Three Summers. Glorious!”

Nicole truly is an avid supporter of the festival, last year she recommended a student to audition for the Act-Belong-Commit Fairbridge Festival Quest Youth Song-writing Competition, and he won! Anyone remember the amazing talent of Lachy John?

We asked Nicole if she has any photos of her time at the festival. “Unfortunately I haven’t taken photos. I’m too busy just enjoying the experience!”

Fairbridge Festival 2018. Photo by Chris Webster.

First-timer Elizabeth is keen to see what all the fuss is all about, “Yes, I’m a first-time participant in the Fairbridge Festival magic! My sister’s experience of it and her recounting of it to me certainly conveyed its powerful magic which seems to operate on many levels. The fact that I’m going to share this with my sister, who is so enlivened by the festival experience, adds a particularly special element.”

We hope this prize brings a whole different level of magic to these wonderful winners.

Tickets for Fairbridge Festival are now on sale through Moshtix. Full program now online.

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