Update from the FolkWorld team

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Latest news | 0 comments

Dear Fairbridge Festival Community,

FolkWorld is facing new challenges in hosting our much-loved Fairbridge Festival as Fairbridge Village may no longer be a suitable venue to hold the event.

Fairbridge Village’s management have very recently informed us that the number of people allowed in the Village area at any one time is likely to be significantly restricted due to the stress of large crowds on the ageing assets of the Village’s roads and buildings.

This recent development has a major impact on the 2023 event, and with six months until festival time – we are at a critical point in its delivery.

We are continuing to work with the Village’s management, as well as with the board of Fairbridge WA Inc., to determine if we can still deliver the event you know and love within these constraints. We’re also making contact with other key stakeholders including with the organisers of other events planned to be held at Fairbridge Village, to try to find a solution for 2023 and beyond.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience. We hope to provide you with another update soon as we continue to adapt and find ways to bring the community together over our love of folk music, dance, and culture.

If you have any immediate questions or feedback, please email hello@fairbridgefestival.com.au

Love the Fairbridge Festival team and FolkWorld Inc.