Volunteer FAQs

We love our volunteer community and we would love for you to get involved and help make Fairbridge Festival 2024 a memorable and magical event!

During festival time, we will be looking to fill various roles with volunteers who want to contribute to the success of Fairbridge Festival.

If you’re keen to volunteer with us in 2024, please have a read of our frequently asked questions below. If there’s a question we may not have answered, please reach out to our team at volunteers@fairbridgefestival.com.au.

Volunteer FAQs 2024

How do I become a volunteer?

    • First, read the information on our website (congratulations, if you are reading the FAQs you have this covered).
    • If you are still keen and willing to commit, then go to Moshtix, via the link on our website, to purchase a volunteer ticket ($60 plus b/fee).
    • Once you have your Moshtix booking number, you can complete the volunteer application form on our website

When will I know if my application has been successful?

      • You will receive an immediate acknowledgement email on submission of the online volunteer application form. If you do not receive it, first check your junk/spam folder, and mark the email as safe. If you do not do this future correspondence will go to junk/spam and you will potentially miss it. If you really did not receive it, contact the Volunteer Manager.
      • You will receive an email when your roster is available for viewing online. This process will begin in February 2024.
      • You will need to accept your roster within a week once it is sent to you.
      • If you do not accept your roster, then your shifts may be given to someone else.

How many hours do I need to volunteer for?

    • A minimum of 9 hours (3 x 3-hour shifts)
    • Some volunteers love working behind the scenes so much, they volunteer for more hours. If you would like to contribute more than 9 hours, please indicate this on the application form.
    • If you do not complete a shift, you may be required to return your festival wristband and any future volunteer application is likely to be refused.

Do I need to complete any training to be a volunteer?

    • Yes, we will be holding a Volunteer Training Event on Sunday 10 March 2024 @ 1 pm, at the Cambridge Bowling and Recreational Club in Floreat. Due to our new site, we require all 2024 Volunteers to attend this event.
    • An outline of specific duties will be provided by email with your roster which you will be required to review and accept.
    • You may also receive further information from your Area Manager prior to the festival.
    • Some roles require specific skills/experience or certifications. For example, comperes (MC experience or similar required), bar staff (RSA required), children’s area roles (WWC Check required). You will be asked to upload copies of your certifications when you complete the volunteer application form online. If you have skills that are important for a role you are interested in, be sure to mention these in the online application form under “work experience” or “anything else you would like to tell us”.

Do you accept youth volunteers?

    • Yes, but only a limited number. If you are between aged 14 – 17, you must purchase a youth volunteer ticket and have a parent/guardian complete and sign the “Parental Consent” section of the volunteer application form.
    • When arriving at the festival, the parent/guardian must be accompanying the youth volunteer to gain entry. We have limited spaces available for youth volunteers so it is important to get in quick if you are interested, however we may release more youth volunteer tickets closer to the festival if the need arises.

Do I really need to pay $60; I have not done so in the past?

    • We used to have areas that were exempt from the $60 fee, however with escalating costs for everything, this is no longer feasible. If you want to volunteer, the $60 fee is required to be paid, no exceptions.

Is accommodation provided for volunteers?

      • No, we are a camping festival. There is no accommodation onsite. Volunteers are required to bring their own camping equipment. Volunteers can choose to arrange their own accommodation nearby if they prefer.

Is there reserved parking for volunteers?

    • No, however volunteers will receive a free vehicle pass so they will be able to enter the campsite and park at their camp. If a volunteer carpools with family/friends then they will not require a vehicle pass, bonus!

How are shifts allocated?

    • Roster allocation is done according to the information you provide in the online volunteer application form. You are encouraged to provide as much information as possible to assist the Volunteer Manager with placing you in appropriate shifts.
    • We try to be as fair as possible and give a range of shifts to each volunteer.
    • It is likely that all three shifts will be in the same area. However, there may be reason to spread some volunteers over multiple areas.
    • Volunteers who state their availability as very limited (for example: not available to work evening shifts, only at the festival for 1 or 2 days) are less likely to be successful.

Where do I report when I arrive at the festival?

    • On arrival you should make your way to the Team Den, located inside the Edenvale Heritage Precinct signed as the Community Meeting Room, where you will be checked in, have your details and shifts confirmed, and be issued your volunteer t-shirt and lanyard.
    • All volunteers must check-in at the Team Den at least 1 hour before their first shift. If you need to set up your tent etc, you will need to factor this in. If you have any issues, you should contact your Area Manager as soon as possible.

Will anyone be checking if I have completed my shifts?

    • Yes, Area Managers will be issued with a detailed roster for their entire area so they can sign off volunteer shifts and report any missing shifts back to the Volunteer Manager.
    • If you do not complete a shift/s, you may be required to return your festival wristband and leave the festival, any future volunteer application is likely to be refused.

Where do I report if I have shifts allocated before the festival opens on Friday?

    • You will report to Team Den. This area will be available from the Monday prior to the festival.

How is the set-up of the site different from Fairbridge Village?

    • Fairbridge Festival 2024 has established separate campground and festival precincts, with the Murray River as the natural boundary. To facilitate movement between these areas, a pedestrian river crossing will be provided, although this access will require the use of stairs. This crossing serves as the exclusive direct link between the campground and festival precincts. It’s important to note that wheelchair users and access customers who are camping will be exempt from the no vehicle movement rule. This will enable the use of their own vehicles for transport between the festival campground and festival precinct (pedestrian entry at Ticket Tent). Dedicated ACROD parking bays are available adjacent to the pedestrian entry for added convenience. Maps of the campground and festival precinct will be updated periodically.
    • The river crossing will not be completed and useable until the Thursday afternoon, so entry to the festival precinct prior to this will be via Paterson Road, approximately a 10-minute walk.

Where do I go if I have an issue during or prior to the festival?

    • You should make your way to the Team Den and see the friendly volunteers or crew who will be working in this area. They can assist you directly or find someone who is able to assist you.
    • The Team Den will be open during the festival from 9am – 9pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In the days prior to the festival, it will be the main festival hub so will have crew available to assist from 9am – 5pm.

Can my child/children accompany me on my shifts?

      • It is not appropriate for children under the age of 13 to accompany a parent during their volunteer shifts. We ask that you make alternative childcare arrangements if you would like to volunteer with us.
      • Youth volunteers may be allocated to the same shifts as a parent/guardian at the discretion of the Volunteer Manager.

What should I do if I have a change in circumstances and I cannot attend the festival, and I have bought a volunteer ticket and accepted my shifts?

    • There is a lot of work that goes into making Fairbridge Festival a success. We understand that things change and there may be situations that crop up to prevent you attending, so we ask that you communicate with us as soon as you know that your circumstances have changed.
    • To cancel your shifts, you must contact the Volunteer Manager as soon as possible so that a replacement can be found.
    • Volunteers that do not cancel their shifts and just don’t turn up, considerably impact the area they are working in. We will not accept any future application that you make to volunteer.
    • The Volunteer tickets are non-transferable. We will refund the $60 for your volunteer ticket, providing at LEAST one week’s notice is provided. The Volunteer Manager will arrange a refund when they receive communication from you that you cannot complete your allocated shifts. Please note that booking fees cannot be reimbursed. Any volunteer that provides less than one week’s notice will forfeit their $60 volunteer ticket fee.

Can I get discounted tickets for my family/friends?

    • No, we do not offer any discounted tickets for family/friends of volunteers. However, they can volunteer too and benefit from the huge discount available to volunteers and contribute to a wonderful event!

I am not sure I want to apply to be a volunteer yet, can I wait and sign up closer to the event?

    • We do not recommend delaying. You will be less likely to work in your preferred area and we may not have enough shifts remaining to enable you to join us.
    • However, if you are a last-minute kind of person, then by all means sign up. We may be able to use your skills, or we could be looking to fill gaps from cancellations, new areas that have popped up (this happens!).

I want to work in a children’s/youth area, but I do not currently have a Working with Children Check. What can I do?

    • If you want to work in the Children or Youth areas, you need a valid Working with Children Card (WWC card). If you do not already have one, please email hello@folkworld.com.au. We will forward you the necessary paperwork required to apply via your local Post Office. Please note that there is a $11 fee associated with the application that the volunteer is required to pay. The festival will not pay or reimburse any associated costs.

I want to volunteer but I do not want to miss the main shows. How does this work?

    • Most people would like to volunteer at times when they do not miss anything. We will be as fair as we can, so please do not delay confirming that your allocated shift times are acceptable. And while you may miss some of the action, you get to see what goes on behind the scenes and experience the festival in a whole new way.