This Agreement provides guidance on the conduct and expectations for ethical behaviour by all volunteers at Fairbridge Festival presented by Folkworld Inc. It is about establishing common values and setting guidelines for acceptable behaviour.

Access & Inclusivity

  • We welcome and respect all members of our community and understand that we are responsible for our own behaviour, actions and decisions at all times.
  • We seek to promote fairness, diversity, inclusion, and equality of opportunity. We will challenge discrimination, disadvantage, and harassment to make the Fairbridge Festival community a fairer and more equitable place for all.

Integrity & Respect

  • We achieve integrity through the consistency and of our actions, values, and behaviour.
  • We are honest, trustworthy, and transparent.
  • We never seek to undermine, belittle, or denigrate others.
  • Signs of integrity include apologising when wrong and giving the benefit of the doubt when circumstances are unclear.

Creativity & Inspiration

  • We support, encourage, and inspire each other and value the contribution of everyone. We champion trust and inclusivity. We recognise the importance of collaboration to help meet our aims.

Community & Togetherness

  • We are kind.
  • We treat all individuals with care and compassion. Our relationships are based on trust, mutual respect, and the acceptance of responsibility. We recognise the value of working in partnership with each other and the wider community in the pursuance of our goals.

Quality & Professionalism

  • We seek to be straightforward and respectful with each other and ourselves at all times in our conduct, communication and intent. We value the cohesiveness this builds in our community.

Applicability of the Agreement

The requirements of the Agreement apply to all volunteers choosing to utilise our resources or work with us.

Guidelines for Acceptable Behaviour

You are expected to:

  • Maintain a harmonious work environment, communicate respectfully, both in person or via other means such as social media, and to contribute to the resolution of issues and disagreements in a prompt, fair and impartial manner.
  • Ensure the safety of any workplace or site at all times. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment for the tools being used and job being undertaken. Working or volunteering while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is considered a serious breach of this Agreement.
  • Not partake in any behaviour of a sexual, aggressive, violent, or threatening nature. If you observe any such behaviour, speak-up. Any such behaviour is considered a serious breach of this Agreement.
  • Clean-up after yourself and endeavour, wherever possible, to leave places in a state better than you find them.
  • Protect Folkworld property and the belongings of others from theft, misappropriation, and misuse.
  • Avoid any activities that could involve or potentially involve any unethical behaviour, unlawful practices, or harm to our reputation.
  • Safeguard confidential information of Folkworld and respect the confidential information of other parties.
  • Avoid situations where a third party may think that you are speaking on behalf of Folkworld when not expressly instructed to do so – giving careful considering to comments made on social media.
  • Report any dealings of worth to Festival Management or the Folkworld Board (where applicable) as soon as possible.


We are all responsible for our own behaviour. If you’re unsure whether your own or somebody else’s conduct is consistent with this agreement, please discuss this with your area manager. If it’s appropriate and you feel safe to do so, you may discuss others’ behaviour with them in relation to this agreement.

Breaching this Agreement

Breaches of this Agreement will be treated seriously and will be investigated. This may lead to appropriate disciplinary action. Serious breaches may result in suspension, dismissal, or expulsion.

Reporting a Breach

If you believe that a breach of this Agreement may have occurred, you should raise the matter with the person(s) involved (where you feel you can) or with the person you report to or with someone you feel comfortable with. Serious breaches, or those involving the person you report to, can be raised in writing with the Board Secretary, General Manager, or Board President.

Important Note

This Volunteer Agreement covers minimum standards of acceptable behaviour. It cannot cover every possible circumstance, please refer to Folkworld’s constitution and Policies for further information. We must act in accordance with all Folkworld values, policies, and procedures at all times.

The Volunteer Agreement is intended to help resolve community issues. It is not intended to, nor can it, apply to issues between individuals within our community where they have been taken to outside agencies such as a WA Court.