Fairbridge Festival is Western Australia’s most popular family camping festival. It has stayed true to the original vision of catering to a family audience, and presents probably the largest children and youth programs, in proportion to the festival as a whole, of any such event in the country. 
To encourage participation by the whole family we reserve all our Under 18 volunteer places where their parent, guardian or other family member is also volunteering. 
The following two guidelines apply to all our volunteers aged under 18 at the time of the festival.

(1) The parent or guardian must also be a volunteer

The only exception is where the young person is coming to Fairbridge with the family of a friend. In this case, either: 

(a) A parent of the family bringing the Under 18 to the festival (often with children of their own) must be a volunteer, or
(b) One of the parents of the Under 18 in question normally volunteers together with their child but is unable to attend this year

(2) We must receive permission from a parent or suitable guardian before the young person can be confirmed as a volunteeror be given entry to the festival

For insurance purposes, all under 18s need to have a parent or guardian on site during the times they are volunteering in case of any issues or accidents. The parent or guardian does not need to volunteer at the same time or in the same area. The guardian can be a family friend or elder sibling. 

This permission can be given on the volunteer application form. It is also available to download and print here, if preferred. When the Under 18 volunteer checks-in at the festival the registration team will confirm that the contact details are correct and that you are also onsite.